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    In just six short years, TK Productions has become the epitome of class and customer service in San Diego’s nightlife industry. By creating and planning events that are specifically catered to our clients’ desires, we are able to put a personal touch to our events that is second to none. We are able to maintain our continuous growth and success by priding ourselves on loyalty, and utilizing our creativity to set standards high above other nightlife providers. As a result, these standards develop trends which skew favorably towards our clientele, enabling us to provide the ultimate customer experience.

    TK Productions offers any variety of event services; from startup ideas to event execution. We can provide all marketing materials, from pre-event marketing such as paper flyers, electronic email blasts, all forms of social media, to night-of event marketing.

    Night-of services include things  such as your brand logos on LED walls, product hosting, and pictures and/or video media for your future marketing convenience. Our mission, is your success.